Stormthrone > Stormthrone Server Maintenance May 28th

Stormthrone Server Maintenance May 28th

Stormthrone Open Beta servers will come down for maintenance on May 28th at 04:00 AM EDT.

The maintenance is expected to take no more than 2 hours.

Patch Notes:

1. New systems - Guardian Goddess, Aeon Fort and VIP Dungeons.

2. Added Gold Nobility.

3. Adjustments:
  • A realm will no longer be able to set a respawn point in the Clash of Realms.
  • Adjusted the revive and escort NPC position in the Clash of Realms.
  • Removed the Onslaught quest under the Realm Quest.
  • Enhanced the guarding attributes of the strongholds.
  • Creating a guild now only requires a player to be Lvl. 35.
  • Adjusted the NPC attributes of the defending team in Elimination and added an archer hero.
  • Escort quest is now accepted at the Teleport gate outside the city. There is also a safe zone for accepting Escort quests.
  • Added a skip button for the Citadel tutorial.
4. New Event - Fortune Streak

Duration: 5/28 18:00 - 6/4 23:59 GMT+8

Server: All Servers

Details: Players will be rewarded with a recharge pack once per day if they recharge every day during the event. Note: Eligible players for this event will be those who have recharged before and have collected the First Pyrum Pack.