Stormthrone > ​The Stormthrone Alpha Ends April 9th at 2 AM EDT

​The Stormthrone Alpha Ends April 9th at 2 AM EDT


After nearly four weeks, the community's second glimpse of Aeos is coming to a close. Your Alpha feedback – from bug reports to system critiques to typo catches – has been absolutely critical in shaping Stormthrone's future for the better. The battles of Alpha 2 have been intense, and we have to thank the R2 community for their continued support, but this is it! All Alpha data, including characters on all 4 servers, will be wiped as of 2 AM EDT on April 9th. So saddle up your mount, wield your favorite Aeon Weapon, and ride into battle one last time – because the next time you cross swords with the demons of the Driftworld, you'll be playing for keeps!

Just remember to stay tuned for more, Stormthrone Alpha warriors. Big news is on the horizon...