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Meet the Warrior


​What is a Warrior?

Fans of professional wrestling in the early 90s might point to the intensity and ring presence of this guy: [ultimate warrior]

Whereas some might cite the athleticism and coordination required to triumph on this show, originally titled Sasuke: [Ninja Warrior]

But Stormthrone’s Warriors have something else entirely -- one giant sword, and the will to use it.

And we’re not talking just a normal sword. One-handed blades need not apply. Unlike Paladins, Warriors refuse the protection of a shield, charging into battle with only their significant upper-body strength to protect them. And charge they do -- sometimes across the ground, with the blazing footsteps of Burning Cut, and sometimes from the sky, with the shattering impact of Death Smite. Let the Paladins fight demons with sunshine, and Rogues sneak off into the shadows -- Warriors live only to deal damage and inspire their enemies to wander into their swords.

If that sounds like they’re looking for a fight, that’s entirely true -- in fact, the electrical fury of Thunderburst is the most powerful aggro generator in Stormthrone. It’s a good thing, too, because if the enemies of Aeos had any sense, they’d steer clear of the Warrior’s rage. Without the instinct for self-preservation -- let the Priests and Paladins worry about that -- Warriors are free to unleash their anger in something not entirely unlike a dance. Except for the chopping part, of course. Beginning with the quick spin of Dervish Cut, Warriors turn themselves into hurricanes of death. The full power of Blade Cyclone is a wonder to behold, and is the last thing many a demon sees.

So if you’re not into the whole “anger management” thing, maybe the Warrior is the class for you. Maybe they’re not the most diplomatic sorts, but they are an invaluable part of any adventuring party. Take up your blade, unleash your fury… and we’ll see you on the battlefield!. Only one class remains -- so what should we do after that? Let us know here or on the Forum!