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Meet the Mage


The first electrically-powered home refrigerator was released in 1927. Mealtime would never be the same.

The first mana-powered Mage emerged after the First Fall – and Aeos got a lot cooler.

They might not live in magical palaces, build talking snowmen, or sing award-winning ballads, but Stormthrone's Mages are the undisputed masters of ice. Imbued with the essence of chaos, Mages unleash devastating spells that drain all heat from their opponents. So what if they haven't figured out the secrets of heavy armor?

Come to think of it, maybe full plate wouldn't be the best idea when you're wielding frosty powers like Rime Seal and Ice Spire. Although it's possible to brave the dangers of Aeos as a solo Mage, they're best when paired with more durable classes. If they don't have to worry about melee pressure, Mages are masters of crowd control. And besides – robes might not protect Mages from swords and arrows, but when you bring the winter to work like they do, thick cloth is probably very toasty!

But ice and snow aren't the only tricks up Mages' wooly sleeves. While they aren't keeping beverages cool or performing invaluable quests for the Dessert Guild, Mages cultivate the eldritch secrets of Teleport and Polymorph. Zapping across the battlefield makes for an excellent quick escape, and transforming opponents into bored sheep is the perfect way to even the odds.

So if you haven't given the Mage a try, whatever your reason... just let it go. You'll be glad you did!

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