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Meet the Rogue


Theodore Roosevelt famously said that the key to diplomacy was to "walk softly and carry a big stick."

Had he been a Rogue – and make no mistake, that would have been awesome – he might have said "walk silently through the shadows and carry two small, but very sharp sticks. Daggers, preferably."

Rogues are as mysterious as they are straightforward. Empowered by dark energies and even darker dreams, Rogues dedicate their lives to stabbing things quickly and frequently. Are these murderous masters of melee particularly durable? Well, no – but by the time your targets realize what happened, if they live that long, you've already vanished into the darkness with a well-triggered Sneak. Sneaking Rogues can be hit by AoE damage, but it's not easy to target an invisible enemy!

Speaking of AoE attacks, Rogues are trained to take on multiple enemies as well as lone targets. Pity anyone on the receiving end of the Lotus skill, which unleashes spectral daggers against everyone in a 360-degree radius of the Rogue. And the big brother of the backstabbing Teleport ability, Execution Warp, can hit up to 7 enemies in a single strike!

So if you're in the market for a battlefield where the only things faster than you are your daggers, take a look at the Rogue. You'll be glad you did, and your rivals, well... they'll earn a free lesson in the definition of "ragequit".

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