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Meet the Hunter


Robin Hood. Hawkeye.

Katniss Everdeen. Green Arrow.

...and if you want to go really old-school, Odysseus.

Ever since humanity unlocked the secret of using tree-parts to launch substantially smaller and sharper tree-parts at each other, folks with archery skills have been cool. If you're into the idea of joining this elite group, and you haven't created a Hunter yet, you owe it to yourself to log in and take a bow! If you're already playing as a Hunter, well... carry on. This is your time to shine. 

As you might expect, Hunters deal ranged damage, but they're not nearly as brittle as Mages. In fact, years of intensive woodland cardio have given them exceptional mobility, exemplified by the Quick Escape skill. But to find the real point of the Hunter, you have to look at the arrows.

Empowering arrows with magic, poison, and slowing debuffs is great, but for my money, the best Hunter skill is Arching Arrows. I don't know how Hunters manage to fire that many arrows at once, but I'm not about to ask the magician to reveal his tricks – and it's a great way to pull a little aggro, perhaps into a well-placed Frost Trap!

No matter how they use their insights into the natural world to turn the tide of battle, Hunters are an invaluable part of any Stormthrone party. Create one today and take your best shot at rising to the top of the Alpha!

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