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Aeos Rises: Part 5

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The gift of magic has never been easy to accept.

Coming as it did during the crimson chaos of the First Storm, the mortals of Aeos were too concerned with seeking shelter from a world gone mad to hear the call of magic.

Yet where most Aeosi saw only loss and suffering, an inspired few saw the forces of creation laid bare. Heedless of the desperate warnings of their kin, visionaries and madmen left the safety of their rain-soaked encampments to test themselves against the elements. Among these were humans, moon elves, and dwarves – indeed, every race old enough to see the First Storm lost friends and family to the lure of magic.
It is unclear what happened next, or whether these wanderers did anything but perish in the Storm – but several months into the First Storm, as the blood-red lightning faded and the sun shone once again, a new race had appeared, and they called themselves Temeri. With lightning in their eyes and in their blood, these manic mystics sang the praises of the fallen god whose name they claimed – for in their new language, Temeri meant "Chosen of Tem", the trickster whose death saved Aeos and set off the First Fall and Storm. With every word, they seemed to bring magic into the world – even Temeri children, who shouldn't even have existed given the mere months their race had walked Aeos, could conjure rain or ignite small fires from time to time.

Tem's now-depowered oracles decried the Temeri at once. Tem was dead, they said, and claiming kinship with the trickster was rank blasphemy. If he had meant for mortals to wield the power of chaos, surely she would have shared it with the faithful long ago. Humans in particular met the Children of Chaos with distrust, blaming them for the worst ravages of the Storm, and accusing them of kidnapping children under the cover of night to bolster their numbers.

Yet if the Temeri were somehow transformed members of other races, whether from Storm-wanderers or lost children, none of them could remember it. And though their relationships with the other mortals of Aeos could hardly be called friendly, their ever-increasing magical might meant they had little to fear from their neighbors. Those that came to them in peace they strove to teach the rudiments of magic. Those that dared to take up arms against the Temeri discovered that lightning did indeed run in their veins, and it did not take much provocation to unleash it.
Protected by the gift of magic, the Temeri would go on to create the first empires of Aeos – shining monuments to the controlled chaos of magical mastery. Yet their insatiable ambition, impulsiveness, and raw power would bring down those empires, one by one – and, in the case of the Second Temyran Magocracy and the Cevraeid Kingdoms, two at once.

The surface of Aeos is littered with forgotten monuments to Temeri ambition, but modern Temeri are unbowed by the weight of history. Though they have no empire to call their own, the days of being shunned as blasphemers are long gone – and their fierce intellects are needed now more than ever. The rise of the gladiator-king Baruphon has brought a new generation of heroes – Temeri included – to the great city of Dawnhold, where the gift of magic in all its forms is shared by all. Now, as the Seventh Storm looms, the Children of Chaos are poised to face its dangers united by the spirit of adventure!

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