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Aeos Rises: Part 4

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As Tem burned in Beruva's heart, Aeos was engulfed in blazing light. Night was banished entirely as the Axiom absorbed the dying trickster's Aeon energy, and hundreds upon thousands of demons were vaporized instantly. Tem's death accomplished what the First War could not – a solid, permanent barrier against the forces of the Voice Below. The young races of Aeos, having known only centuries of war, looked on this planet-wide dawn with hope and wonder.
Yet even the divinely forged Axiom could not hope to contain Tem's chaos. As the Axiom cooled, hardening into crystalline glass, Aeos plunged into night as dark clouds began to gather. Weakened by the Trium's sundering, Beruva and Umbral could only watch as a great, molten meteor passed through the Axiom and crashed into Aeos.
The seas boiled. Mountains crumbled into dust, releasing torrents of lava that consumed cities and forged new continents. Colossal waves crushed coastal settlements, unleashing floods that left new rivers in their wake. And everywhere, the skies flashed with crimson lightning that could burn like fire, freeze like an arctic storm, or strike in utter silence. The First Fall brought with it the First Storm, and Aeos would never be the same.
Many survivors of those first days believed that the gods had simply abandoned them. Oracles previously attuned to the will of the Trium could hear nothing through the chaos of the First Storm, and the shadows echoed with the howls of unseen horrors. Yet though the old portents no longer appeared, and every day brought new dangers to the young races of Aeos, the First Storm unleashed something else – the means to manipulate the Aeon energy within the world.


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