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Let's Get Started!

Wondering where to begin? Get to know the Alpha a little better with this handy guide!

Getting into a new game can be intimidating, and getting into an Alpha – rough edges and all – can be even more so. What does this button do¹? When do minigame codes unlock²? But when everyone starts asking the same questions, something awesome happens: someone starts answering them.

Take a look at volunteer moderator Wind's Starter Tip Guide and you'll see that Stormthrone is only everyone for themselves in free-for-all PvP mode – everywhere else, the community can really step up in making the Alpha the best it can be. Hang around the Forum for a bit, and you'll see community members like Wind and intrepid bug-squashers alike helping solve problems that surprise all of us, devs and players.

What's even better is that even if reporting bugs, giving feedback, and spending time on the forum isn't your thing (though we hope it is, 'cause it's great), pretty much everything else you can think of doing in Stormthrone helps – every boss slain, every Aeon Weapon forged, and every piece of Free Pyrum spent contributes to Stormthrone's bright future.

Keep it up, everyone – and thanks!

¹ I have no idea, but give it a try – that's what Alpha is for!
² Level 26