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Stormthrone Alpha Events


In the Stormthrone Alpha, crushing bugs and kicking butt is the name of the game. We hope you're as excited about the discovering the world of Aeos as we are, and we know you'll find rich rewards in these events! Great challenges and tantalizing treasures await, adventurers – so read on, and good luck!

​1. Spread the Word

Squish the Bugs

Time: During the Alpha
Details: Fellow heroes of Aeos! Please post any sightings of the wretched Chelifex – that is, as many bugs and errors as you can find – so that our team can fix them as soon as possible! Pull up a seat in the Bug Reports section, familiarize yourself with the Forum Guidelines, and keep an eye out. Every report will make Aeos a better place, so crush a bug or two with us!

Voice Your Opinion

Time: During the Alpha
Details: Fellow heroes of Aeos! Now that the great city of Dawnhold has been reclaimed, it's time to rebuild, and we need your help! Please share your Alpha comments, suggestions, and critiques with us – you have the power to change Stormthrone's future, and we're eager to hear what you think!

2. Exclusive Alpha Achievement

Time: During the Alpha
Details: True heroes lead by action. Keep fighting the good fight throughout the Alpha, then log in with the same account after launch – you'll earn an exclusive in-game Alpha achievement!

3. Minigames & Alpha Goodies

Time: During the Alpha
Details: Good news, everyone! The Stormthrone Minigames will stay live throughout the Alpha, so you can still earn points towards Bound Pyrum codes. The Point Exchange function will launch when the Alpha does, so get to it! 

4. Free Pyrum

Time: During the Alpha 
Details: What's that you say? You'd like more Alpha Pyrum? Okay!

Once you reach Level 30, click on the "Free Pyrum" icon on the main game screen to receive – you guessed it – free Pyrum. You can poach from this potent Pyrum purse once per day, so don't forget!

  • The amount of free Pyrum you get is random; if you’re lucky, you may get up to 4,000 Pyrum in one go!
  • Free Pyrum may only be collected once per day for each account, not once per character.

5. Pyrum Packs

Time: During the Alpha
Details: Reach level 40 to get a Pyrum Pack! Just click the "Daily Prizes" icon on the main game screen, then the "Level Pack" tab, and it’s yours! You'll get more packs when you reach level 40, 45, 50, 55, and 60!

Lvl. 40 Pyrum Pack
Contains: 1,000 Pyrum, Lvl. 45 Pyrum Pack x1
Requires level 40 to open.

Lvl. 45 Pyrum Pack
Contains: 2,000 Pyrum, Lvl. 50 Pyrum Pack x1
Requires level 45 to open.

Lvl. 50 Pyrum Pack
Contains:3,000 Pyrum, Lvl. 55 Pyrum Pack x1
Requires level 50 to open.

Lvl. 55 Pyrum Pack
Contains: 5,000 Pyrum, Lvl. 60 Pyrum Pack x1
Requires level 55 to open.

Lvl. 60 Pyrum Pack
Contains: 5,000 Pyrum
Requires level 60 to open.

Note: All packs are bound.

Have any questions about Stormthrone's Alpha Events? Let us know here or on the Forum!