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Aeos Rises: Part 3

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In the moment that Aeos was born, Beruva, Umbral, and Tem fractured into a million pieces.

Not permanently, mind you. In fact, being many places at once is something that the gods of the billion worlds once did rather often, and with great joy – but Beruva, Umbral, and Tem had little time to enjoy their countless aspects.

For unlike the worlds that came before, which grew from humble seeds into vast wonders over the course of millennia, the birth of Aeos was an act of war. Although the Trium chose as quiet a corner of the demon-infested universe as they could, a legion of demons awoke as soon as Beruva's sun blazed to life. Having foreseen this, the gods of Aeos created and defended their new world all at once.
While Umbral, Keeper of the Law brought balance to the boiling seas of young Aeos, so too did Umbral, the Merciless Judge mark the demons that sought to tear their new world asunder with a burning silver light.

While Beruva, Mother of War led the battle-aspects of the Trium into battle, so too did Beruva, Herald of the Dawn bring hope to the first humans that opened their eyes to a burning sky. 

And while Tem, Trickster of Storms infused the Trium's Aeon Weapons with the fury of lightning, so too did Tem, the Mother of Magic create omens in the wind to keep wise mortals from harm.

And while a thousand faces of the Trium wielded the Aeon Weapons to keep Aeos safe, the rest channeled raw Aeon energy into the Axiom, a luminescent shield that would seal their world from the forces of the Voice Below.

If it had ever been completed, that is.
Though united in purpose by their infernal names, the demons that fought the Trium were as varied in vileness as their worlds once were in wonder. Gods of illumination now struck their enemies blind. Gods of plenty spread starvation with every step. Gods of rain screamed scathing desert sands.

And a god of dreams, torn forever from the world of sleep, spoke a thought like razors into Beruva's heart.

And the defiant sun of Aeos began to flicker.

Suddenly the many aspects of the Trium became three. Umbral looked on Beruva's fading face, and the dying glimmer of the Axiom. Tem breathed in, and a moment of calm settled over Aeos.

Umbral seized Tem and threw him into Beruva's heart.

The Goddess of the Sun flared to life, demonic poison purged forever from her veins. The Axiom turned to glass, sealing Aeos away from the legions of the Voice below. Tem burned away to nothing.

And the First Storm began.

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