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Stormthrone Switch

There's a new minigame in town: Stormthrone Switch. Flip the cards over and match them as fast as you can – but be careful, because you only have so many moves to make! Here's how it works:

With the Alpha coming out on November 19th at 10:00 AM EST, time is running out – master the minigames now before the Exchange Points function goes live at 8:00 AM EST on the 19th! Here's what you can earn (limit one of each per user):

  • 1200 Points for 500 Bound Pyrum
  • 1800 Points for 1000 Bound Pyrum
  • 4000 Points for 2000 Bound Pyrum

Just remember that these Bound Pyrum codes are first-come, first serve, so make sure to be there to grab yours!

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