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Aeos Rises: Part 2

A demon has three names.

The first is a curse of awakening – even in death, a demon cannot rest until the universe is dark.

The second is a curse of hatred – for life, for light, for the song of all things.

The third is a curse of memory – the burden of knowing all that came before was for nothing.
The first two are the darkest magic, and to hear them truly is to be joined to the Voice Below forever. Thankfully, none but the Voice itself can speak them truly; the names that mortals know them by are mere nicknames.

The third name, the curse of memory, is the name the demon knew before – the fact of their failure, the face of their loss.
So it was that the first demons made war on the billion worlds of Aeon. Gods and mortals fought bravely against the demons' onslaught, but millennia of peace could not prepare them for the savagery of their fallen kindred.

In their baleful, unsleeping eyes, every weakness was laid bare. Words broke hearts. Teeth broke bones. Hate broke worlds.
Eventually, there was nothing left to do but chase the fleeing light of long-dead stars. The demons, having satisfied their purpose, finally found rest.

The gods Above, those few that stayed behind, looked down and wept.

The Voice Below was silent.
A millennium of mourning passed in the Realms Above. After the silence lifted, only three gods dared to speak:

Beruva, Goddess of the Sun, Mother of War, Herald of the Dawn;

Umbral, God of the Moon, Father of Peace, Keeper of the Law;

and Tem, Trickster of Storms, Father of Chaos, Mother of Magic.
Beruva spoke fierce words of defiance, that the universe – the place between – was theirs by right.

Umbral spoke quiet words of hope, that a world of law could overcome a sea of chaos.

Tem, eyes blazing with the power of chaos, merely smiled.
Then all at once, the three gods were wreathed in light and flame, in the promise that they would not succumb to whatever demons their new world awakened, in the gift of Aeon given solid form – the Trium had created the Aeon Weapons.

The Trium looked down and spoke Aeos into the darkness.

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