Stormthrone > Aeos Rises: Part 1

Aeos Rises: Part 1

In the beginning, the universe as we know it was empty; it was simply the place between.

The gods Above looked down and saw nothing.

The Voice Below was silent.
In time, the gods Above came to recognize this emptiness as potential – a chance to pour their immortal hearts into the great unknown, and for the first time in eternity, to be surprised.

Utterly committed to their task, the first pioneers gathered their energies and left the Realms Above, knowing they could never return.

Some went alone, some in pairs, still others in vast pantheons – united in the conviction that they must make of the darkness something truly new. So they channeled Aeon, the essence of creation and the lifeblood of the gods, into that darkness.

A billion worlds bloomed, and the first mortals were born.
The perfection of the Realms Above could not compete with the wonders that arced through the darkness. The stars themselves could sing in those first days, and gods and mortals alike answered with their own voices. More gods infused their lifeblood into the universe, and the Realms Above echoed with their absence. So it was for countless millennia.

The Voice Below stirred, and saw, and spoke the word that ends all things.

Worlds that had never known pain began to die. The light of Aeon, bound up in these worlds, began to fade – and with it, the gods themselves.

Those few gods and mortals with the strength to resist found themselves changed by the Voice Below. Where they once wielded the powers of creation, they gained the power to destroy. Where they once craved the song of the stars, they sought only silence.
Thus the demons were born, and the First War began.

So that's an early taste of the story of Aeos -- and there's much more where that came from! Have any questions about Stormthrone's backstory? Ask us anything here or on the Forum!