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What's In A Name?

As the Stormthrone Community Manager, I'm focused on the fans – whether they're on the teaser site, the Forum, Facebook, or Twitter. But before I became the GGgumdrops you know and hopefully like, I had a much broader role at R2Games, and had the opportunity to participate in Stormthrone's development from time to time.

Once upon a time, Stormthrone wasn't even Stormthrone – the name was totally up in the air, and we had nothing but our imaginations, experience, and good taste to guide us.

...That is, until an enterprising member of the team made something "better."

This is his story.

"Finally," we said, "there's something to make this process a little easier!"

Early results were a little odd.

Always the optimist, Broose fired back with a few smoother results.

"Mists of Victory?" Could do. Not as much oomph as "Stormthrone," but it seemed like he was on the right track.

So I gave Broose's generator a try. First attempt, no lie:

Obviously, the system had a few minor kinks to work out.

Suffice it to say, none of the finalists for the name had anything to do with that generator. Nothing but the best hand-crafted names for the R2Games library!

Have any more questions about Stormthrone's development? Ask me anything, and join the community on the Forum!