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7 Reasons...

Why Being a Mob Is the Best Job Ever

I’ll admit that I don’t always tell people about my work, at least not right away. Not that I’d trade it for any other job in the world – you can pry it from my cold, dead talons, thank you very much – but not everyone understands the appeal like those of us in “the biz”, as we like to call it. I mean, what makes someone get up in the morning and patrol the plague-fouled skies of the Sands of Lathrae, only to get smacked in the face 250,000 times per day? I hope this list helps explain why I’ll be an MMORPG bad guy until the day I actually die.

1. You Make Your Own Hours

One of the best things about being a servant of unimaginable darkness is that you're always in demand. I've met heroes from across the world – I mean, pick a time zone and I've seen 'em – and it's always adventure time somewhere. Sleep in, wake up early, or come in around dinnertime – I still get my talons on a sweet, sweet salary.

2. Amazing Dental Insurance
Wikimedia Commons via user: Mdf

My beak has never been sharper!

3. ...And Medical!
Flickr via Bart Everson

I used to worry about my health, just like any other infernal corvid – but now that I'm getting swatted over the head by heroes for a living, I know that perfect health is mere moments away! You'd be surprised how fast you stop flinching. 

4. You Meet Interesting People
Via Wikimedia Commons / David Cadle, the History Man

It takes serious energy to run around in armor like that, going days without food or water, and carrying several tons of treasure without breaking a sweat. Heroes are definitely a curious bunch!

5. A Truly Fast-Paced Workplace
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I think it goes without saying that I spend a lot of time flapping back and forth. So what if I don't catch up with heroes on their horses or their flaming motorcycles or whatever it is they ride nowadays? I get GREAT cardio every day of the week!

6. ...But You Can Nap Whenever You Want

When heroes are watching, it's all business – but when the map is empty? We just kick back with some ice-cold lemonade and listen to Soundcloud or whatever.

7. The Satisfaction of a Job Well Done

This is what really clinches it for me. When you're a mob, you just can't go wrong! You take down an underleveled Rogue or two with a well-placed peck to the head, you're the talk of the town – and when John Q. Warrior bats you over the head, they get experience, some gold, and maybe even something nice to sell in the auction house. Call me evil if you want, but that's a win-win in my book!

Eric, Crow of Kiriyos is Stormthrone's official Mob Correspondent from the Sands of Lathrae. Have any questions for him or any other Stormthrone character, good or evil? Let us know!