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​Whether you're new to the Stormthrone universe or a fan from back in September, welcome to our all-new teaser site! There's much more to see of Aeos this time around, including a full class list, but the biggest reveal is definitely Behind the Music of Stormthrone, an in-depth look at the production of Stormthrone's epic orchestral soundtrack. Featuring award-winning composer Daniel Sadowski, Behind the Music of Stormthrone shows that Stormthrone won't just set a new standard for browser MMORPG gameplay – its lush, orchestral themes will immerse you in a new world even before you create your first character!

And once you've seen Daniel Sadowski bring Aeos to life, take a look at the follow-up interview – we're streaming three exclusive tracks from the Stormthrone OST at the end!

We really hope you enjoy the new Stormthrone teaser site!