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Composer Q&A


If you've watched Behind the Music of Stormthrone – and we hope you have – then you know that Daniel Sadowski means business. We caught up with Stormthrone's composer after the documentary wrapped and asked him a little about the process of writing and recording the epic sounds of Aeos. Stay tuned after the interview for the streaming debut of three tracks from the Stormthrone OST! 

R2Games: The first song that players hear on the teaser site isn't just orchestral, it's choral – and it sounds like there's some Latin in it. Am I right?

Daniel Sadowski: Yes, the lyrics to "City Theme" that the choir sings are in Latin. 

R2: Cool! What do the lyrics mean?

DS: The rough translation is talking about having a strong defense, or a strong guardian. In a way it is saying “who will watch the watchmen?” so I felt it was very fitting for the City Theme, since you are in this huge fortified city that feels very safe. But who will protect you from what you can’t see? What’s beyond the gates? I think the meaning works well for the entire game, actually. You will have to leave the City quite often to fight beyond this safe place. 

R2: In fact, the city walls won't always protect you! So you mention in the video how the R2Games team (including CEO Jared Psigoda) influenced your work on the soundtrack with their enthusiasm. Is there a particular song that really exemplifies that influence?

DS: There are too many pieces to mention that stick out to me, but let's go back to the first clip I did, "Stormthrone", which is the main theme of the game. It really was the first piece I wrote and sent off to R2Games and Jared to listen to. They were really blown away, and when it came time to record with a real orchestra we were all excited about "Stormthrone" and how it would sound at Bastyr – and boy, did it deliver! I think I outdid myself with the Main Theme, and that set the bar really high for what the entire score would sound like, which is an inspirational thing in itself.

R2: I think that players will see what you mean as soon as they get a chance to hear the OST. Thanks for your time, Daniel!

We'll return to Daniel Sadowski later, but let's take a look at three songs from the Stormthrone OST – "City Theme", "Astral Fury", and "Stormthrone":

There's so much more where that came from, Stormthrone fans – so keep an eye on the official teaser site and the R2Games Soundcloud for more as it develops.

To learn more about Daniel Sadowski, check out his official site!