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Stormthrone > LORE >The Trium – the Gods of Aeos

The Trium – the Gods of Aeos


Beruva, Goddess of the Sun, Mother of War, Herald of the Dawn

Favored goddess of paladins, gladiators, and certain principled mercenaries, Beruva is by far the most martial member of the Trium. As the goddess of the sun, Beruva's winged insignia can be found in the popular royal crest of Dawnhold. Beruvans – and, to a certain extent, most adventurers – value strength, loyalty, and steadfast resistance to the demons that threaten Aeos.

Umbral, God of the Moon, Father of Peace, Keeper of the Law

Patron of the long-lived Moon Elves, Umbral has long been a balance between the bolder members of the Trium. Where Beruva might suggest a frontal attack, and Tem a complex series of traps and feints, Umbral's ancient, rumbling voice would speak of the arts of hospitality and diplomacy. Patient and cautious, Umbral's followers almost always take the long view of a situation, much to the chagrin of people who need things completed in hours rather than decades.

Tem, Trickster of Storms, Father of Chaos, Mother of Magic

On the day of the First Storm, when Beruva nearly succumbed to the demon Derajj's poison dream, the trickster Tem died. Cast into Beruva's heart by Umbral himself, the energies unleashed as he burned in Aeos' sun purged Beruva of this demonic affliction and turned the fading Axiom to glass, sealing Aeos away from the demonic legions beyond the sky.

Yet in death, the mischievous shapeshifter shaped the history of Aeos forever. The catastrophic meteor strike of the First Fall, and the violent First Storm that followed it, released the power of magic into the world even as it tore through the world the Trium created. Six Falls and six Storms have followed since then, and each reveals more of the mysteries of magic than the last – as well as more shards of the mighty Aeon Weapons.

So though Tem has not been seen on Aeos for millennia, the trickster's influence is as strong now as it has ever been. The brilliant and dangerous Temeri consider themselves the true heirs to Tem's legacy of chaos and innovation, though arcane potential now runs through the veins of every race – even humans, who once struggled to master even basic principles of magic.


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