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Stormthrone > Stormthrone Server Merges for 6/15 !

Stormthrone Server Merges for 6/15 !


A server merge is scheduled for Wednesday, the 15th of June at 07:00 AM GMT (02:00 AM EDT, 2:00 PM GMT+8). These servers will be down for approximately 4 hours to allow adequate testing. Please follow this thread for further updates. 

The following servers will be merged:
European Servers:
[S9, S11, S13, S15, S25, S27, S29, S31, S41, S43, S45, S47, S57, S59, S61, S63]
[S10, S12, S14, S16, S26, S28, S30, S32, S42, S44, S46, S48, S58, S60, S63, S64]

East Coast Servers:
[Kong1, S1, S3, S6, S7, S17, S19, S21, S23, S33, S35, S37, S39, S49, S51, S53, S55]
[S2, S4, S5, S8, S18, S20, S22, S24, S34, S36, S38, S40, S50, S52, S54, S56]

The Stormthrone Team


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