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Stormthrone > Stormthrone Server Maintenance January 12th

Stormthrone Server Maintenance January 12th


STH Maintenance.png

All Stormthrone servers will come down for maintenance on will be on January 12th 16:00 PM GMT+8, 08:00 AM GMT, 03:00 AM EST, 00:00 AM PST.
The maintenance is expected to take no more than 2 hours.

Stormthrone 2016/1/12 Patch Notes


New feature - Aeons Upgrade

Aeons now can be upgraded by using Legendary Stones. Each upgrade rewards bonus stats.


Source: Lvl. 50+ BOSSes, recycling legendary gear, and the Caravan.



New Legion Dungeon Chest

Dungeon Chests are rewarded based on player levels, legion size and the challenge results. For example, if player A, B, C, and D formed a legion and cleared a Lvl. 75 dungeon, they will be rewarded a Lvl. 75 Legion Chest (4 players).



Legion Chest

Contains: Gold, Forge Mats., Imbue Mats… Chance to get other rare Mats. and items.


- The Stormthrone Team


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