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Expanding rapidly for the first time in history, the world's oldest race is finally ready to prove its worth. Based in the golden city of Dawnhold and led by the gladiator-king Baruphon, the heroes of humanity show that great rewards await those with the courage, determination, and strength to fight for them. Will you rise to royalty – or even higher – as a human character?

Moon Elves

Followers of Umbral, god of the moon, tides, hearth, and nature, the Moon Elves have long held themselves above the concerns of the lesser races. As the embodiment of Umbral's ethos of moderation and patience, they watch over Aeos with a deep affinity for nature and the longest lifespans of any mortals.

Though they once struggled to check the arcane ambition of the Temeri and the imperial tendencies of the Dwarves, many Moon Elves have lately been drawn to Dawnhold, where King Baruphon's example suggests that ambition and wisdom aren't as incompatible as they thought. Will you bring order out of chaos as a Moon Elf character?


Named for their mythic kinship with the fallen storm god Tem, the Temeri are a bit of an enigma. When their brilliance, innovation, and arcane gifts brought light, beauty, and prosperity to Aeos across the centuries, humans and moon elves alike fought to claim them as close cousins. Yet when their shining cities fell into ruin, and their eldritch creations ran rampant through blasted mountain ranges, their heritage as the children of chaos earned them nothing but scorn.

Today's Temeri share the ambition and optimism of their ancestors, never allowing their tragic and beautiful legacy to keep them from trying something new. Although many distrust the arcane potential that flows so easily through their veins, the spectacular ascension of King Baruphon has proven that all races, humans now included, share in the dangerous gift of magic. Will you master your arcane legacy as a Temeri character?


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