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Locations part 3

The Bleed

The Bleed is known for two things: the vast dwarven mausoleum of Thonovor's Tomb, and being an agonizingly inhospitable wasteland. The Dawnhold military has been trying to add a third item to that list: a strong, well-supplied fortress. As one might imagine, it's not going very well, and adventurers are strongly encouraged to lend a hand. The work is dangerous, but the coin is good.

Sangharid Flats

The ancient seat of a particularly violent trollish empire, the tropical island that became the Sangharid Flats has been almost completely covered in desert since the catastrophic impact of the Third Fall. Through mechanisms not entirely understood – nor entirely believed – trolls from before the Third Fall have emerged to reclaim their old imperial strongholds. Whether these supposed time travelers pose a threat to outlying settlements has yet to be seen.


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