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Locations part 2

Malakhra Point

The Nautilus Company, a goblin corporation known across Aeos for innovation, value, and extremely restrictive warranty policies, has claimed most of Malakhra Point as a future site for their corporate HQ. Yet Nautilus operatives have been stymied by a mysterious corrosive fog that defies chemical analysis, as well as marauding hordes of unusually territorial Naga. Some naysayers have declared the entire area too dangerous, citing mawtusk prophecies about sleeping tusked demigods, but Nautilus PR representatives assure that there's nothing to worry about.


Built on the ruins of several fallen dwarven empires, the capital of Bevelcrown is a salvager's dream come true. It's also a salvager's nightmare, but that's only if you haven't brought enough ammunition. The engineers, tacticians, and adventurers of Bevelcrown work day and night in preparation for a long-planned assault on a nearby demon stronghold. From protecting sensitive excavations, to fighting off malfunctioning dwarven war-bots, to dispatching demon patrols, there's always work to be done here. 


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