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Locations part 1

Fort Beruva


Established some 30 years ago by human pioneers in search of an arcane spring, Fort Beruva has been commandeered by the Dawnhold military as tensions with nearby centaur tribes begin to rise. Once considered almost quaint, the newly fortified Fort Beruva is vital to Dawnhold's continued security. As scattered raids give way to deadlier attacks, some scholars of demonic lore suspect that the rise of the centaurs may have dark roots indeed.

Vilkan Heights

The ancestral home of the wulfkin, arcane outcasts exiled from Dawnhold centuries ago, the once-great settlement of Vilkhan Heights has not known peace for the greater part of an Age. The wulfkin's woes began when Greymaul the Usurper ignited a civil war by slaying his father, the despotic Garu Khan, in single combat. As the city burned, the high shaman of the wulfkin, Greymaul's lover Silva, declared his Khanate null and void – and Greymaul, in his sorrow, slew all of his rivals before sacrificing himself to the rampaging hordes. Consumed by the fury of civil war, the wulfkin were prime targets for a demonic plague – and now, the ruins of Vilkhan Heights are guarded by twisted wulfkin, tortured ghosts, and worse.

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