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What good is commanding the elements or swinging a sword as big as you are without good friends? Stormthrone features a rich guild system to help you find a group that enjoys all that Aeos has to offer in the way you like most! Level up your guild and experience a sense of teamwork and growth as you embark on fantastic adventures.


     Increase guild level by contributing gold and special items.

     Purchase items with tribute points at the guild’s Bonus shop. Higher level guilds can purchase more things!

     Embark on Quests for your guild, sending you to the dangerous Crossroads to fight powerful enemies and earn guild tribute, experience, and gold!

     Unlock the power of guild skills by spending tribute and gold. The higher your guild level, the more your guild skills can grow!

     Organize your guild into three Legions, complete with a legion general, and organize large scale PvP assaults with ease. 


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