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Clash of Realms


Within the world of Aeos is a special continent called The Crossroads. On this one piece of land, four separate realms converge. There are plenty of things to be done here, but you’ll need to stay on your guard. Even with all the evil running rampant about Aeos, those other realms aren’t looking to play nice. They are rivals out to claim the crossroads for their own!


·         Assert your dominance! There are 24 towers throughout the crossroads, each of which can be claimed by any realm. Defeat their guardians and capture the flag to take control of it. The more flags your realm controls, the more rewards there are to be claimed!

·         Participate in massive scale realm versus realm battles. Participate in an Onslaught and receive bonus realm coins for each kill, and a big bag of them at the end whether your realm wins or not.

·         Along with guild quests you can do in the crossroads, there are realm quests. These large scale quests can only be done at certain times, but offer handsome rewards for aiding your realm through a number of means, from donating gold, to killing hundreds of opposing players!

·         Rule your realm! The guild that contributes most to the Domination event held each week becomes the ruler of the realm, with the ability to appoint officers, order realm wide attacks on crossroad points, and declare war on other realms!

·         BOSS Trials are a nonstop occurrence in Clash of Realms. Dozens of super powerful bosses with rare unique loot spawn regularly. Take them down for fortune and fame! 


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